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The 5 Practices

Building an Hospitable Community

We welcome strangers. We were once strangers. Those who are not members of the Church are as important as those who are.

Celebrating Life in Worship

We want to experience God as part of our daily lives, one who shapes our hearts and helps us to see the world through God’s eyes. So we want to offer our very best.

Intentionally Developing our Faith

We seek to provide plenty of opportunities in community for people to grow spiritually and, therefore, humanly.

Reaching out in Mission and Service

The Church exists to serve, to make a positive difference in the lives of people in the Owen Sound community.

Moving from Grace to Generosity

The Church is a community that recalls the Grace of God whenever it gathers. And the Church’s typical response to God’s Grace and generosity is to be itself a sign, a teacher and a cultivator of generosity.

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